Dec. 13th, 2011


Dec. 13th, 2011 02:26 pm
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Things I don't get:

Grimm & Once Upon A Time. I don't get the love. My mom and all my friends watch pretty religiously and I just don't understand.

I keep watching Grimm, because they do shoot in Portland and they do some really good "Hey, look, we're actually IN Portland" shout-outs, like VooDoo Dougnhuts and Rogue Ale and Elephant's Delicatessen, but honestly, it's like a slow, boring Supernatural with an uncharismatic lead. He's like wallpaper paste. I keep waiting for him to die horribly and for Sergeant Wu to take over, because he at least has a personality.

As for Once Upon A Time-- I keep trying, but, my God, the writing is horrific and the acting isn't much better. It's like a really bad soap. Plus, including Pinocchio, which is technically a novel, wigs me out. Also, why is Rumplestiltskin going around telling everyone his name!?!? I get the feeling that the only things the writing staff know about fairy tales came from Disney movies.

Things That Are Awesome:

Did you know that Wednesday is FREE PIE DAY at Sherri's? I didn't until I went to Sherri's last Wednesday and got asked if I wanted my free piece of pie!

Also, did you know that Red Robin now has BOTTOMLESS ROOT BEER FLOATS? I wish it wasn't soft-serve, as it's hard to get the right proportion of ice cream to root beer on your spoon with a soft ice cream, but still. Bottomless. Amazing.

Also, at least in America, there's a new loyalty program at IKEA. When you sign up for their free "IKEA FAMILY" card it gives you free coffee/tea in the restaurant all day every day and a coupon for free fro-yo when you first sign up. Sweet!


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