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Okay, so yesterday I was dizzy and my bp was 102/70 with a heart rate of 76 bpm.

Today, much less dizzy and my bp is 118/80 with a heart rate of 98. Yeah, I think my blood pressure was a bit low yesterday. I don't think it's supposed to swing 10 points within 24 hours. The question is, was it because of the extra salt or the extra iron yesterday?

Date: 2010-09-04 08:20 pm (UTC)
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It absolutely could vary that much, depending on a lot of factors. First, keep in mind that the numbers are the reading and not necessarily your actual blood pressure. Did you use the same machine today and yesterday? Also, the automatic machines are less accurate than something an actual person did. I usually run low, but the automatic machine at the gym gave a reading of something like 130/90, but when I had the trainer do it manually because I knew it couldn't be right, it was maybe 110/76.

Both numbers are normal, and the first set of numbers wouldn't surprise me at all, especially since you work out quite a bit, right? The thing that I find most out of place is the pulse, since that's borderline tachycardia. Even then, though, a lot of factors could cause the higher pulse like stress or caffeine.

The extra salt or iron shouldn't have really had an effect, especially overnight. It's entirely possible that the dizziness and the lower BP were just one of those things that may never kick in again. I'd keep an eye on my pulse, watch for anymore episodes of dizziness and try to figure out if there's any common factors, and if at all possible, have someone manually check my BP. That will give you a more accurate reading. All in all, though, I wouldn't really worry that much it unless it kicks in again.


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