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Oct. 16th, 2010 12:16 am
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So I went to the VIFF closing gala tonight. Saw the new film from the guy who did "Triplets of Belleville." The script was written by Tati, but not filmed before he died-- and while the film was gorgeous, the whole thing just reminded me why I hate Tati films: They're cute in 15 minute chunks, and have loads of cute moments, but an hour in we were all wondering if it was still October.

Anyway, the real highlight of the closing gala is, of course, the food. There were three stations and roving appetizers. The Chinese station was pretty subpar, with merely average veggie spring rolls and steamed chicken buns. There was a decent cheese station, with an AMAZING goat cheese flatbread thing. And then there was a ceviche/risotto station. Now, I don't like ceviche, so I steered clear. And the risotto was a mushroom risotto, so I nearly passed, but it was being made *inside a giant wheel of parmesan*. Like, there was this huge wheel of parmesan on the table-- maybe 3 feet across-- and in the center they'd made a little divot. They'd pour hot risotto into the divot and the chef stirred it around, letting it melt the cheese until you wanted some. Then he'd scoop you out a portion, making sure to scrape cheese off the side of the natural bowl being formed in the cheese. As I was marveling at the majesty of this, a waiter brought around a tray of blue cheese puffs. Like creampuffs, but stuffed with hot blue cheese filling. Again, I hate blue cheese, but these things made my night. I was in cheese heaven.

Now I am trying to figure out what else I can prepare in a giant wheel of cheese. Pasta, definitely. Maybe scrambled eggs? From here on in, I want all my meals served this way.
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