Dec. 13th, 2011 02:26 pm
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Things I don't get:

Grimm & Once Upon A Time. I don't get the love. My mom and all my friends watch pretty religiously and I just don't understand.

I keep watching Grimm, because they do shoot in Portland and they do some really good "Hey, look, we're actually IN Portland" shout-outs, like VooDoo Dougnhuts and Rogue Ale and Elephant's Delicatessen, but honestly, it's like a slow, boring Supernatural with an uncharismatic lead. He's like wallpaper paste. I keep waiting for him to die horribly and for Sergeant Wu to take over, because he at least has a personality.

As for Once Upon A Time-- I keep trying, but, my God, the writing is horrific and the acting isn't much better. It's like a really bad soap. Plus, including Pinocchio, which is technically a novel, wigs me out. Also, why is Rumplestiltskin going around telling everyone his name!?!? I get the feeling that the only things the writing staff know about fairy tales came from Disney movies.

Things That Are Awesome:

Did you know that Wednesday is FREE PIE DAY at Sherri's? I didn't until I went to Sherri's last Wednesday and got asked if I wanted my free piece of pie!

Also, did you know that Red Robin now has BOTTOMLESS ROOT BEER FLOATS? I wish it wasn't soft-serve, as it's hard to get the right proportion of ice cream to root beer on your spoon with a soft ice cream, but still. Bottomless. Amazing.

Also, at least in America, there's a new loyalty program at IKEA. When you sign up for their free "IKEA FAMILY" card it gives you free coffee/tea in the restaurant all day every day and a coupon for free fro-yo when you first sign up. Sweet!
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As for Grimm and Once Upon a Time: my other half and I saw all the fuss and decided since they were starting at the same, we would try them both and give them a shot to see which as better.

After Episode One, we both had no opinion yet and decided to give them both a couple more episodes.

We made a deal to "pick one" after a few episodes and would stick with just that one.
After ep 4, I announce I hated Grimm (thought it was a modern day creature feature done horribly) so by default, the better of the two in my eyes was Once Upon a Time.
My other half had the opposite view, that because Once Upon a Time sucked so badly, Grimm won out of the two.

So now, because there is noone to break this tie and neither wants to change their answer, we both are still watching BOTH shows without actually loving either.

Sad yet True=)


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