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I'm going home sometime next week and will be stuck there until I get my passport renewed. If anyone wants to hang out/see a movie/get a meal/etc. before I leave, let me know.
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Turned on my reading light last night without realizing the sleeve of my FAVORITE robe was touching it and managed to burn a hole through the sleeve of my (did I mention) FAVORITE robe.

Stupid reading light.

Gap better still be selling those robes.
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First things first, on my recent trip to Portland I re-discovered the alternative station I listened to throughout the filming of Twilight that I really enjoyed. They introduced me to Guster and Muse and Vampire Weekend and Carolina Liar and all the other music I listened to that Winter/Spring. Also reminded myself that they stream the station online, so now I'm listening to 94.7 out of Portland, which not only has good music, but commercials for Portland which really makes me want to go do all my shopping at Fred Meyer right now.

Secondly, came home to a notice on the door yesterday that our water would be off today from 9 am to 3 pm. No water to drink, no using the toilet, no showering or washing anything. So yeah, it pretty much screwed my day, and I pushed my workout back so I could grab a shower as soon as I got back. However, the water is still not back on, so I'm sitting here all sweaty and gross. :P I <3 you, UBC Housing.

Mac Help?

Apr. 16th, 2010 12:19 am
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This is a long shot, but I could use some help if there are any Mac gurus out there. I have an old G4 (pre-Intel chips) running OS 10.3. For some reason my computer has just stopped acknowledging anything using Firewire: Two external hard drives and an external DVD burner. The drives turn on and spin up like they're being read, but they never show up on the desktop, and when I unplug them I don't get that warning that I've put them away improperly. So it's like the drives think they're being read, but the computer doesn't think they are.

I repaired my permissions. I restarted in safe mode. I verified my hard drive. Still no go. Any ideas?
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I suppose BNL was good. I was paying more attention to my personal safety during the concert. Also, as a bonus, some asshole guy spit IN MY FACE when I tried to make a little room for a 4'9" girl in front of me who was suffocating.

So, yeah. I'll be taking a shower now. Can you get diseases if someone's spit gets in your eye?
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This weekend I'm working in Vancouver at Women in Film promoting UBC, and next weekend I've been hired to PA a documentary in Portland (at $175 a day!) which means I'll be out of the country for a week or so. So that's my excuse if anyone's looking for me. :)

Hooray for money, though!
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FYI, the Barenaked Ladies are playing at UBC on Thursday night. Tickets are $22 something in advance, $27 at the door. If anyone wants to come along and watch with me, let me know! I hate to go to these sorts of things by myself!
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I am surrounded by odd sports at the moment. Out my window there are simultaneously two guys doing parkour and an orienteering race. Behind me, out my roommates window some guys are playing cricket. It's all very entertaining!
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Okay, ya'all. I need your sure-fire, never lose, best bet writer's block cures. I have been absolutely stonewalled with the re-write of my feature for screenwriting class this entire month and I'm running out of procrastination time. Usually I can work on something else until something comes to me, but I've been stumped on EVERYTHING.

The creative block seems to be running hand-in-hand with insomnia and other disturbed sleep patterns: I usually imagine myself in a movie or something before going to bed or to get back to sleep and I can't even do THAT right now.

My usual cures are working out and going for a walk (letting my mind wander while doing something physical or rote usually works really well) but both have come up goose-eggs. HELP!
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY [ profile] bossymarmalade!! Hope it's the bestest ever!
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My recent shopping mission has been to find a pair of heeled boots. My poor black boots that I bought back in undergrad are well and truly thrashed, and you just can't live in Vancouver without having a pair of mid-calf or higher boots, so I've been scouting for replacements. Most of them have been either too big in the calf or too big in the ankle.

But then, today I went to the outlet mall and went to Cole Haan and fell in love with the most gorgeous pair of brown leather boots. Alas, they are $500 boots. They look like money, though. They fit perfectly, plus Cole Haan shoes have Nike Air technology so they're the most comfortable boots EVER. They were on sale for 50% off, plus there was an extra bonus sale that day that would further knock 20% off the price, but that still left them at $200 and I just couldn't justify it. Also, they would probably make the rest of my wardrobe look shabby by comparison. My hope is that on Boxing Day they go, like, 90% off and I happen to be the only size 10 in the state. I have never understood shoe obsessions until I tried on this boot, but I swear having these shoes would change my life for the better. :D They were similar to these, but I don't remember the ankle strap and I think the heel was a bit skinnier.

I also didn't buy any jeans at Ecko, even though they fit awesome and were $16. This was probably silly on my part, as I shouldn't really pass up $16 jeans, but I hate buying things before I get my Christmas presents-- Just in case. The pants at Ann Taylor fit fantastically (in a size SIX, holy crap!) except for the part where they were about 2 inches too short. Alas. They were cheap too-- $7!
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Made it! It's pouring rain here, but at least that means it's warmer than the -2 it's been in Vancouver for the past two weeks.
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I'm making a run for it before all the snow hits tonight. Leaving in a few minutes, should be home by 6 pm or so.
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Okay, so I have been having WEIRD dreams lately. Earlier in the week I was dreaming about grading, which was unsurprising, given that was all I was doing. Last night, however, I dreamed David Duchovny was helping me pick out a flat screen TV while telling me how much he didn't like Rachel Maddow.

...I don't even know.


Dec. 11th, 2009 03:00 pm
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Well, crap. I was supposed to be speeding my way down I-5 by now, but mom called and said there's a freezing rain advisory on tonight for I-5 in Oregon and it's due to last all weekend. She doesn't want me to drive in it, so I'm stuck in Canada until Monday, probably.

On the other hand, I made another apple pie.

Kale chips

Dec. 5th, 2009 06:01 pm
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If anyone was wondering if Kale chips were any good:

No. No they're not.

It is, of course, entirely possible that I have done them all wrong, but as far as I can tell, they taste like salted, brittle fall leaves. The outer bits break into dust in your mouth and the inner parts are bitter and bear no resemblance at all to potato chips, or really any other snack food.

They are edible in that I can physically get them into my mouth and chew them and they have not killed me yet.
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Man, I just got EVISCERATED in screenwriting class today. Not only did they rip me to shreds but all their suggestions were completely opposite to the message I was trying to convey. Plus, I was going into class pretty pumped about what I'd managed to accomplish. :P Ugh. Back to the drawing board.

On the plus side, an old friend of mine and one of the few ex-roomies I don't loathe, got a new bike and let me have her old one. So I now have a bike, yay! It's currently at the UBC bike shop getting a tune-up and I think I'll buy a basket for it when I pick it up tomorrow. Alas, they do not sell Spokey-Dokes at the bike shop. :P
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My graduate advisor (who I TA for) just described me as having a "glamorous persona."


I will note immediately before this comment she was talking about how I would like a show because a lot of stuff blew up in it.
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This week's vegetable haul:

Celery root
Kale/collard greens or something similar
Acorn(?) squash
yellow potatoes
yellow onions
1/2 cabbage

I'm going to get some buttermilk and turn the cabbage and a few of the carrots into coleslaw, I think. The rest I leave to you. Especially the celery root and the squash.
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So, [ profile] glockgal can't cook from recipes and I can ONLY cook from recipes so I told her that if she would come over and use up all my weird vegetables, I would make her cookies.

She made the MOST FANTASTIC squash and parsnip soup! I am hoarding the last two servings because it is amazing. IDEK what magical spices she threw in there, but it is happiness.

I made chocolate chip shortbread with a recipe that came with my new cake pan. Personally I think the soup was way better because I'm neither a fan of chocolate or non-chewy cookies, but when I came back from class 3/4 of them were gone, so I think A (the only other roommate who can/will eat them as they contain butter) likes them as much as Glockgal does. I only have 8 left!

For dinner I had my last slice of homemade swiss chard and feta quiche and some smashed and fried blue potatoes. We'll have to see what new fruits and veggies come tomorrow. I currently don't have enough apples for another apple pie, but I could probably do another pear (which was pretty fantastic if I do say so myself!).

So, so far in the last 30 days or so I have made 2 apple pies, 1 pear pie, 1 quiche, shortbread, pumpkin cake with cream cheese frosting, carrot cake with cream cheese frosting, and a double batch of my lentil soup. I am slightly concerned about my newfound domesticity, but at least my friends are happy when they come visit.
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