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Migrating to Dreamwidth just in case Livejournal keeps getting worse and to make sure I can keep my user name. All my posts will continue to be on Livejournal for the time being, but feel free to friend me on DW just in case Livejournal responds to complaints about the current operation of the commenting feature by removing comments entirely. :P


Dec. 13th, 2011 02:26 pm
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Things I don't get:

Grimm & Once Upon A Time. I don't get the love. My mom and all my friends watch pretty religiously and I just don't understand.

I keep watching Grimm, because they do shoot in Portland and they do some really good "Hey, look, we're actually IN Portland" shout-outs, like VooDoo Dougnhuts and Rogue Ale and Elephant's Delicatessen, but honestly, it's like a slow, boring Supernatural with an uncharismatic lead. He's like wallpaper paste. I keep waiting for him to die horribly and for Sergeant Wu to take over, because he at least has a personality.

As for Once Upon A Time-- I keep trying, but, my God, the writing is horrific and the acting isn't much better. It's like a really bad soap. Plus, including Pinocchio, which is technically a novel, wigs me out. Also, why is Rumplestiltskin going around telling everyone his name!?!? I get the feeling that the only things the writing staff know about fairy tales came from Disney movies.

Things That Are Awesome:

Did you know that Wednesday is FREE PIE DAY at Sherri's? I didn't until I went to Sherri's last Wednesday and got asked if I wanted my free piece of pie!

Also, did you know that Red Robin now has BOTTOMLESS ROOT BEER FLOATS? I wish it wasn't soft-serve, as it's hard to get the right proportion of ice cream to root beer on your spoon with a soft ice cream, but still. Bottomless. Amazing.

Also, at least in America, there's a new loyalty program at IKEA. When you sign up for their free "IKEA FAMILY" card it gives you free coffee/tea in the restaurant all day every day and a coupon for free fro-yo when you first sign up. Sweet!
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So I brought the pumpkin cupcakes to the DAR meeting this afternoon, as it's a potluck. And then I watched as not a single person touched one. They don't look diseased or anything, do they? I mean, come on, they're from scratch! They were the only item on the table not touched! And it's not like they didn't like the format (lemon muffin/cupcakes to the left were decimated) or the flavor (pumpkin pie to the right was practically fought over and much commented upon).

At the end of the meeting, I packed them all back in their container and said something like, "Well, I'll have one, if nobody else will," and I think enough people overheard me that they were guilted into at least taking one "for their husband", even if they didn't eat any. But I still have more left-overs than I thought I would.

Anybody want a cupcake? :(


Nov. 12th, 2011 09:32 am
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This morning's baking was cinnamon rolls to use up the rest of the cream cheese frosting.

Cut for details )


Nov. 11th, 2011 07:26 pm
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I'm going to try to document my baking. I'm trying not to do it as much, since it's hard to find people to eat it (I KNOW, right??) but I might as well virtually share my treats, right?

So today was Pumpkin Cupcakes with Cream Chese frosting.

Details behind the cut )
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Anyone out there willing to beta/brainstorm a short horror script idea? I need some help hammering out a few last plot points.
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I need to beg/borrow/steal 2 1tb external hard drives (Firewire 800), for the last week of March for a project. If anyone has a spare, or one they're not using at the moment and wouldn't mind loaning me for a week, I'd really appreciate it. I'll even throw in a free thank you credit in the movie. :)
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There's a recipe in my Betty Crocker cookbook called a "Danish Puff" that's always intrigued me. Today I made it. It's kind of like if you dipped a cream puff in glaze rather than filled it with cream... and then put it on a pie crust. If I make it again, I'll try it without the crust or with a much thinner one. It really detracts from the delicious egg-y airy (It's kind of yorkshire pudding-y) pastry on top, and I think it would still cook up the same way.
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Due to a week without internet and then a computer virus, which I finally seem to have eradicated, I have not seen a post from anyone in a really long time. Tag me here if there was something I should see.
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#1) I appear to not be getting comment notifications. So if I have not replied to you lately, sorry. Blame LJ.

#2) Some genius discovered tonight that if he pulled the fire alarm in the parking garage which sits below my residence not only would s/he empty one building, but all three! I, of course, had *just* finished undressing to take a shower, which meant I had to get re-dressed as fast as possible and go stand around outside in the cold until the firemen said it was safe. Whee.

#3) I have a sinking suspicion that my NaNo story is a 30,000 word story and not a 50,000 story. I'm at 22,000 words (3,000 behind, I know) and I'm running out of story.
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UGH. Trying to watch tonight's Supernatural and the Chek TV feed is totally out of sync, by at least half a minute. 19 minutes in and it's finally only a few frames off. I hope it stays this way. ARGH. It's off again by 30 seconds now-- aaaaand now it's synched up again. What a pain in the ass.

Fancy food

Oct. 16th, 2010 12:16 am
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So I went to the VIFF closing gala tonight. Saw the new film from the guy who did "Triplets of Belleville." The script was written by Tati, but not filmed before he died-- and while the film was gorgeous, the whole thing just reminded me why I hate Tati films: They're cute in 15 minute chunks, and have loads of cute moments, but an hour in we were all wondering if it was still October.

Anyway, the real highlight of the closing gala is, of course, the food. There were three stations and roving appetizers. The Chinese station was pretty subpar, with merely average veggie spring rolls and steamed chicken buns. There was a decent cheese station, with an AMAZING goat cheese flatbread thing. And then there was a ceviche/risotto station. Now, I don't like ceviche, so I steered clear. And the risotto was a mushroom risotto, so I nearly passed, but it was being made *inside a giant wheel of parmesan*. Like, there was this huge wheel of parmesan on the table-- maybe 3 feet across-- and in the center they'd made a little divot. They'd pour hot risotto into the divot and the chef stirred it around, letting it melt the cheese until you wanted some. Then he'd scoop you out a portion, making sure to scrape cheese off the side of the natural bowl being formed in the cheese. As I was marveling at the majesty of this, a waiter brought around a tray of blue cheese puffs. Like creampuffs, but stuffed with hot blue cheese filling. Again, I hate blue cheese, but these things made my night. I was in cheese heaven.

Now I am trying to figure out what else I can prepare in a giant wheel of cheese. Pasta, definitely. Maybe scrambled eggs? From here on in, I want all my meals served this way.
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I just made peanut butter cookie dough using peanut flour. I feel like anyone who may taste the end product should probably sign a waiver and have notes from their doctor and mother.

It's a LOT of peanut flavor, is what I'm saying. Eating the dough was kind of like having a Planters peanut factory explode in my face. I hope no one with allergies lives within a three mile radius of my kitchen.


Sep. 13th, 2010 09:07 pm
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Okay, so I finally watched Donnie Darko for the first time.

...I don't get it.
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Okay, so yesterday I was dizzy and my bp was 102/70 with a heart rate of 76 bpm.

Today, much less dizzy and my bp is 118/80 with a heart rate of 98. Yeah, I think my blood pressure was a bit low yesterday. I don't think it's supposed to swing 10 points within 24 hours. The question is, was it because of the extra salt or the extra iron yesterday?
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I feel like shit. I've tried to work out for the past two days and have been too dizzy to complete my workout (moving from one weight lifting position to another just kills me). Part of me thinks it's my positional low blood pressure again, especially because I've been trying to save money by cutting out my favorite salty snacks (salt raises blood pressure and has helped in the past), but I've also got lethargy this time (takes me forever to get out of bed in the morning) and I just feel ditzy and stupid which might mean anemia. However once I get going, and as long as I'm not changing position, I'm pretty good to go. Walking is fine-- I went to a basketball game last night and walked back and forth to the grocery store with no problems.

I also have a sore throat and am a little stuffy, but I think that's unrelated-- probably just dust.

Any suggestions? Can't go to the doctor yet 'cause I don't have my new Care Card. Gonna head to the drug store and get a multi-vitamin with plenty of iron and B-12 and folate, just in case.

ETA: Checked my blood pressure on the machine at the Shoppers Drug Mart: 102/70. Normal's 120/80, but apparently as long as I'm above 90/60 I'm not going to drop dead or anything-- at least according to WebMD.
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Happy Birthday, [ profile] glockgal! I'm sorry I can't be in Vancouver to wish you in person... but remind me when I get back in August and perhaps I can make you a pie (if we can find good berries), since I've managed to master my mother's recipe. :)
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Only in my family does my dad call me up at 10 pm his time to tell me he just heard that my favorite *referee* was going to be in charge of the World Cup Final the next day.
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There is a tiny baby deer curled up outside my window. His body is about the size of a loaf of bread. His mother left him here at around 3 pm while she went around to graze. Since then I have seen two other fawns and various does, but no one has come to pick him up yet and he hasn't moved. I am concerned. We've checked to make sure he's still alive and he's still breathing and we called the wildlife rescue center and they told us not to be worried unless he's still there in the morning. But it's getting dark and he still hasn't moved and no mommy has come for him and I don't want this tiny baby deer to die right outside my window!
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My laptop (Windows Vista) is freaking out, and I strongly suspect a virus or three. I have Avast. Any other free anti-virus/spyware stuff I should/can download to try and clean this thing out?

ETA: BankerFox.A



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