Sep. 3rd, 2010

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I feel like shit. I've tried to work out for the past two days and have been too dizzy to complete my workout (moving from one weight lifting position to another just kills me). Part of me thinks it's my positional low blood pressure again, especially because I've been trying to save money by cutting out my favorite salty snacks (salt raises blood pressure and has helped in the past), but I've also got lethargy this time (takes me forever to get out of bed in the morning) and I just feel ditzy and stupid which might mean anemia. However once I get going, and as long as I'm not changing position, I'm pretty good to go. Walking is fine-- I went to a basketball game last night and walked back and forth to the grocery store with no problems.

I also have a sore throat and am a little stuffy, but I think that's unrelated-- probably just dust.

Any suggestions? Can't go to the doctor yet 'cause I don't have my new Care Card. Gonna head to the drug store and get a multi-vitamin with plenty of iron and B-12 and folate, just in case.

ETA: Checked my blood pressure on the machine at the Shoppers Drug Mart: 102/70. Normal's 120/80, but apparently as long as I'm above 90/60 I'm not going to drop dead or anything-- at least according to WebMD.


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